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Night of Metropolitan
Alain Massena

Alain V. Massena






305 Broadway

7th Floor

​New York, NY 10007

About Alain

Alain Massena was born and raised in the heart of Brooklyn, and he exhibits the fighting spirit  of his home borough in the courtrooms of our great city.  Earning his Juris Doctorate at St. John’s University’s School of Law his passion for litigation was ignited. Following law school Massena  served the community of Brooklyn  as an Assistant District Attorney and as prosecutor he worked tirelessly serving the public and ensuring the swift and fair administration of justice. Following his service at the Kings County District Attorney's office, Massena founded his very own boutique criminal defense firm successfully handling major federal and state high profile matters.  

At LMV Law Group Massena brings over 20 years of  litigation experience  in to service for our clients.  Having represented multiple candidates in hotly contested campaigns he has consistently secured and maintained his client's candidacy on the ballot. 

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